Theme Park Human Resource Engineering

Theme Park Human Resource Engineering:

About the Book:

Leading experts on theme park have considered staff as a part of the park thematic product and underlines the importance of managing their capabilities to reach better service delivery and Guest satisfaction. Park executives need to consciously formulate human resource strategies and practices that reengineers the HR space.

This book offers that know how to reengineer their HR with the role of recruitment, selection and induction,training and development, performance and reward management, HRIS, Change management and HR planning .Comprehensive guide to HR in the theme park space.

Book Reviews
The reason I agreed to write this forward is not because I know the two authors but because I know that these two have created their own admirable place in the Human Resource Space in India and abroad. Dr Uday for instance is THE most highly qualified HR person in this country and possibly one of the top most in the world. Mansee Bhandari does not lag too far behind. Inspite of her youth, she has handled numerous HR challenges in India and abroad mentioned earlier. There is also a more urgent need for this book. Theme park business is dynamic not static. It is tempered by safety considerations, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, physics, chemistry, cuisine and cosmetology. There is least of all, the looming threat of competitions. Top Class service delivery will result in adding smiles on two faces, the customer and the owner. Herein lies the contribution of books like this which I have read from first page first word to the last. I am proud to write this forward.BALWANT SINGH CHAIRMAN POLO AMUSEMENT GROUP
This is one of the smarter books I have seen in a long time.Read it. It is well written and thoughtful. Also, very helpful for those in Park Owners, Managers, Supervisors and leaders in the human resource, Theme park, and Industrial Engineering space.I think all libraries should have a copy.DR. MOHOMMAD KESHAVJEE SECRETERIAT DE H.H. AGA KHAN, PARIS, FRANCE

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