Dr.Uday Dokras

Author | Lawyer | PHD | Consultant

The author has worked for 30 years in the human resources arena in India and abroad. He was Group Vice –President of MZI Group in New Delhi and hasanchored Human Relations in Go Air and Hotel Holiday Inn.Currently Dean of SEWA MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE,The first Institute in the world offering full time Theme Park Human Resource management Engineering Courses.

His previous assignment include -Health Human Resources at the Lata Mangeshkar Hospital and associated educational institutions belonging to V.S.P.M., Nagpur India and visiting Faculty at the Central Institute of Business Management and Research,Nagpur.

This assignment resulted in a book on Health human Resource management, published in July 2016.

He has studied in Nagpur University , India where he obtained degrees of Bachelor of Science,Bachelor of Arts(Economics) and Bachelor of Laws. He was a Graduate Student in labour laws from Canada at the Queen’s University, Kingston and done a Doctorate from Stockholm University, Sweden.A scholar of the Swedish Institute, he has been an Edvard Cassel Awardee. In 1984 he was involved with the Comparative Labour Law Project of the University of California, Los Angeles,U.S.A. He was also visiting lecturer there.He has been invited by the President of Seychelles to do a study of the efficacy of the labour laws of Seychelles.Author of a book on a Swedish human resource law, his brief life sketch is part of the English study text book of 7 th Class Students in Sweden -“Studying English.

SPOTLIGHT7”- and 8 th Class students in Iceland – “SPOTLIGHT8- Lausnir.”

He is working on his fourth book about “Consumer Protection Act and its implications for the Medical profession in India.” Much travelled, he is a canine lover.His third book co-authored with Ms. Mansse Bhandari ,CEO , FunNFood Amusement park, Nagpur is in print and will be launched in December 2016

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